Medical Grade Face Mask EU Standard EN14683-Type IIR - 50 pack

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Medical grade mask masks provide a better and more reliable protection in these uncertain times. 

Disposable medical face masks prevent the spread of infectious germs and protects against the splashes of contaminated liquids and viable particles. 

These medical masks comply with EU Standard EN14683 and they are rated Type IIR. 

It features a 3 layers design and a nose clip.  

It also comes with two ear loops on the side which provide a snug fit. 

Please wash your hand with soap or sterilize them with antibacterial gel before putting the mask on the face or adjusting it while wearing it. 

If the mask got damp or wet, please dispose it. 

Size: 17.5 x 9.5 cm. 

Colour: Blue. 

Material: non-woven. 

EU Standards: EN14683:2019 (Type IIR). 

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