Caffenu Descaler 100ml and Coffee Machine Cleaning Capsules x9

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Caffe Nu Combo Kit

Deep Clean Your Nespresso Machine!

Liquid Descaler 100 ml: remove limescale from the boiler and heating elements

Your coffee machine needs to be descaled regularly to remove lime scale and calcium build-up and avoid machine damage.

The Caffenu Eco Descaler effectively removes lime scale deposits, and ensures the hygiene of your machine's internal components

Cleaning Capsules: Remove the coffee oil and residue from the spout, taste the coffee as it is meant to be!

The first ever capsule to clean your Nespresso coffee machine. The capsule releases a unique foaming agent inside the brewing chamber that gets rid of old coffee oils and residue in just 2 minutes. Don't forget, only a clean machine makes fresh coffee.

Caffenu® descaling and cleaning kit combines 2 products in 1 package: 

• 9 cleaning capsules for Nespresso® and a bottle of 100 ml descaling liquid. 

• This kit is sufficient for 3 months of maintenance and cleaning. 

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