Swiss Eagle Protective Reusable Mask - 1 Pack

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Createdin Switzerland, Swiss Eagle™ anti-bacterial, multilayer, respirator face maskwhich comes with enhanced protection, comfort and superior Swiss design. Thisblack, branded face mask is engineered with an anti-bacterial, triplefiltration system, making Swiss Eagle™ breathable face mask an optimal outdoormask. This active mask can be used as a running mask, cycling mask, joggingmask, hiking mask and is professionally designed as an all-weather mask.  


Swiss Eagle™ reusable face maskis spun bonded using 3-dimensional spacer fabric with an outdoor filtrationrespirator that protects you from harmful microbes, pollutants, particlematter, smoke from vehicle exhausts, factories, bushfires and has anti-dustmask functionality. It is also a perfect protective mask for use in airportsand on planes, commuting on trains and busses, the underground and meets allyour travel mask needs. Swiss Eagle™ triple bacterial filtering face mask isspun bonded from soft cotton and is your first choice for any occasion whereusing a face mask is compulsory and adhering to social distancing is necessary,with a Flexi-fit neck strap for easy handling and 6-layer technology forlong-hour wearing comfort, making it a superior breathable mask.  


The Swiss Eagle™ durable facemask has been tested against the highest available standards and is fullycompliant with UK and EU legal specifications and PPE mask regulations. AllSwiss Eagle™ protection masks are exceptionally high quality, given theirunique Swiss design renowned for excellence, also delivering superior levels offiltration and protection. The Swiss Eagle™ sport mask is reusable for up to 30gentle hand washes, making it a valuable health and safety investment. 



·        Compatible with all facial movements 

·        95% BFE filtration 

·        Crafted to offer increased coverageand maximum protection 

·        Flat-fold design for convenient storage 

·        Flexible nose clip for snug-fit and minimum eyewearfogging 

·        Lightweight spun bonded 3-dimensional spacer fabric foroptimal breathing 

·        Antibacterial, super soft interior cotton ensuresexcellent protection and comfortable use 

·        6-layer triple particlefiltration system 

·        Washable and reusable up to 30 gentlehand washes 


Why choose Swiss Eagle? 


·        Patented Swiss design  

·        Engineered to fit all face shapes 

·        Added nose pin to prevent slippage 

·        Equipped with an antibacterial finish 

·        Low moisture formation for comfortable breathing 

·        Adjustable ear loop for an optimum fit 



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